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Career Coaching
Our artist managers will help you create your own personal and unique brand, so you can reach your full potential. Marketing is vital in today’s music industry for every artist.

Inspiring Masterclasses
Your YouTube tutorial days are over. Our industry experts will teach you everything you need to know about the music industry during a monthly masterclass, which includes drinks afterwards.

Premium Studios
The soul of every artist is their music. You need to work with professional gear that suits your potential. This is necessary to grow your career and find your way to the greatest publishers & labels.

Get personal coaching suited to your needs

Have you been giving it your best but still feel like you’re barely moving forward?

It’s impossible to reach your goals in the music industry without the proper help and guidance of others. That’s why we dedicate our time and expertise to those who are talented enough, but mostly to those who are willing to work hard on their career.

Together with your Artist Coach, you’ll identify goals on every front of your career. This includes Marketing, Branding, Content, Music and Releases.

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Learn from the brightest industry professionals

Tutorial time is over and you’re about to meet new range of instructors. We host a Masterclass on every last Saturday of the month, which includes drinks afterwards.

These masterclasses teach you everything you need to know about a career as a professional artist. Our Masterclasses are taught by high profile industry professionals and range from personal branding, artist management, business, marketing, production and more. These Masterclasses are only available to Stardom Family Members.

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Gain full access to our professional studios

Make use of our professional DJ and Producer Studios that are located in Utrecht and Amsterdam whenever you want.

Our Studios are equipped with everything you need to take your productions to the next level. Start producing with gear that suits your potential today.

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Joining the family

Orientation Call

After you’ve entered your details in our contact form, a Community Agents will reach out to learn more about your dreams & ambitions, but also your challenges & struggles.

Demo Assessment

Once you’ve sent us a demo (or part of a track) you’ve created, our Talent Scouts will evaluate the quality & level of your work and determine if we want to move forward.

Intake Evaluation

Finally you’ll meet with a Talent Scout in one of our studios. This is your chance to convince us why you should join the Stardom Family. We will also explain what you can expect from us.

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