Instagram is the social media platform that is indispensable nowadays. Influencers, Artists, enjoyers of life and companies are all over on Instagram. Creating an account is easy, but how do you ensure that you, as a DJ / Producer, have a strong and powerful profile? Stardom is giving you some tips so that you can make your artist profile even better!

1. Your profile is your business card

The first step in creating a powerful account is making sure your profile is complete and clear. This means that it is important to choose a good profile picture, one that is professional and clear. 

The next step is your bio, which can actually be compared with a business card. When someone comes to your Instagram profile, it must be clear who you are and what you do. Think of a location, description of your work /study, possibly a website and a way to get in touch with you. 

2. It’s not all about business

Now that your profile is complete, you will come to the next step, which is sharing content. This can be done by placing a photo in your story or on your feed. As a DJ / Producer you immediately think of sharing photos of bookings or collaborations. Of course, this is good content to post, just make sure you make it personal. 

Your followers want to see more than just the professional content of your successes. For example, it is important to also show them the process of such a success. For instance, your time in the studio, behind the scenes, collaborations, lessons, name it. That is step 1 of adding personal elements. 

Another very important step is to share private photos. By this, we mean content that is not related to your work, such as photos of friends, partner, family, passions or hobbies. This way your followers get a better picture of you and see humanity on your profile.

3. Before you hit ‘post’

Before we talk about posting the content itself, think about the overarching theme you want to stick to. Use the same filter or color combination for your photos. That is nice and clear when people come to your Instagram account. You also have to think for yourself what you want to convey to your followers, as an artist.

When you post a photo on your feed, it is important to add some elements. For example, a caption under your photo is a must. This can be an explanation, quote or storytelling. Keep in mind that your text should not be long-winded. Furthermore, it is a benefit to add emojis, this makes it more playful, creative and cheerful. 

In addition to the caption, two more elements should not be forgotten. These are the location and the tags. The first one isn’t that hard, simply add a location to your photo. A location is featured, and this way more people come to your Instagram account. When you post a photo with another DJ / Producer, family, friends, you name it. Don’t forget to tag that person! This person can then share the photo on his / her account, and this ensures more engagement to your account as an artist.

4. Engage and interact with your fans

We all want more followers on Instagram, now the question is how do we get them? Interacting with your followers helps to gain even more followers. For example, you can use the caption of a photo to ask questions to your target group. Then people respond underneath your photo with answers, now it’s up to you to do something with it. Take your time to go through these responses and answer them. A network is essential in the DJ / Producer industry, so try to work on this and invest time and effort.

5. If you master consistency, you’re halfway there

After applying all the previously given tips, it is important to apply consistency. You are already doing great, but you have to hold on to this! Make a schedule for yourself how often you want to post per week and when. 

You can use a content calendar and schedule a moment at the beginning of the week to complete it. To make it even easier for yourself, you can determine set times to share your content on Instagram. 

Please note! Take a look at the statistics -> target audience -> Followers, here you can see which days and times the most followers are active on Instagram.