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**our Dj & Producer studios are OPEN**

DJ Studio

 Starting at €25 for 1 hour of studio time

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 Starting at €75 for 2 hours of studio time

Now is the time
to invest in your friends

All events and shows are cancelled until September 1st. That sucks. But the good news is that our studios are OPEN!

They are available at flexible times and with a plug-and-play system. So, this is an opportunity. We’ve got the right gear and setting to let everyone improve their beats, tracks & sets.

Perhaps there’s a birthday coming up or you want to give your DJ/Producer friend something nice, just because you feel like it.

Either way, you make your friend happy AND you’re investing in their future.

Now that’s just smart thinking.

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About Our
DJ Studios

Our DJ studios are equipped with the latest club standard gear. The state-of-the-art setup allows you to plug in and play with just your USB and headphones.

The gear you’ll find in this studio:

✩ 2x Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2
✩ Pioneer DJM-900NXS2
✩ 2x Yamaha HS 8

About Our Producer Studios

 Our professional studios are equipped with multiple sets of high end sound, amazing soundcards and separate vocal recording units to feed your creativity.

The gear you’ll find in this studio:

✩ 2x Genelec 8040 speakers
PMackie Thumb subwoofer
2x Yamaha HS8 speakers
 Scarlet Focusrite 2i2 2nd Gen
Røde NT2 A Condensator Microphone
Presonus monitor station v2 

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