Terms & Conditions

[Last modified on 31-03-2023]

 The Stardom Terms & Conditions

What the following words mean in these terms & conditions:

  1. We, the Stardom Team:

Stardom Studios & Management 

  1. You, the Stardom Customer:

Consumer of Stardom products and/or services

Our contact details
Stardom Studios & Management Studiobox B.V.
Phone number 020 210 104 1
Address Tussen de Bogen 17
Zip code & City 1013 JB Amsterdam
Email Address info@stardom.nl
Website www.stardom.nl
CoC-number 67645194

Our proposals & agreements

  1. These terms & conditions are valid for every service and product that is offered by us and for every agreement that has been signed between you and us. 
  2. Furthermore, the Dutch law applies to every agreement between you and us.
  3. If otherwise, for instance once the proposal or agreement in question has a limited period of validity or if there are other terms & conditions, we will state this in our proposal or agreement. 
  4. Every proposal or agreement contains a clear description of the services and/or products offered. We are not liable for any apparent mistakes or errors in these proposals or agreements.
  5. Any additional or deviating terms & conditions will in principle not be to your disadvantage and to clarify any changes, you’ll receive a written notification which will be easily accessible to you.

The ownership

  1. At all times, will we remain the owner of any rented products and/or services, even after your payment is completed, unless we’ve agreed otherwise. 
  2. You will be the owner of any products you’ve bought from us, after your payment is completed, unless we’ve agreed otherwise.
  3. With your permission, we collect personal data to enhance our products & service delivery process, but also to handle any damage or claim settlements and for the use of internal communication & marketing purposes. We do not collect your personal data to give, sell or trade them to other (third) parties.
  4. We have the authority to use sound- and video recording systems in all of the Stardom DJ & Producer studios that are for rent. You are hereby notified through these terms & conditions and through a sign that is placed in or near the relevant studios. All the recordings are made exclusively for security purposes and will not be viewed unless it’s deemed necessary. All of the recordings will not be shared with other (third) parties, unless the relevant (governmental) authorities ask us to do so.

The agreements

  1. The pricing of our offered products and/or services excludes VAT, unless it’s stated otherwise. 
  2. We guarantee that our offered products and/or services meet the described specifications and/or any other written agreements that have been made with you.

The financials

  1. The payment for our products and/or services will be directly through our online payment system on our website, unless it’s stated otherwise.
  2. You are required to pay the full amount upfront for any of our products and/or services that are delivered over the course of multiple weeks and/or months, with the exception of the Stardom Family Agreement. This payment will take place, no later than the first supposed delivery day of the products and/or services in question.
  3. If you complete a payment now, even though you still have other outstanding payments with us, then your current payment at first be used to pay (part of the) outstanding amount(s). This is the case, even though you state otherwise, unless we’ve agreed otherwise. 
  4. You will be notified once you fail to complete your payment within the agreed term of payment. We will then allocate you an additional 14 days to complete your payment.
  5. After this second term of payment has expired without received payment, you’ll be charged with additional extrajudicial collection costs. These costs will amount to:
  • 15% over the outstanding amounts up to € 2.500,-
  • 10% over the next € 2.500,-
  • 5% over the next € 5.000,- with a minimum of € 40,- 
  1. It’s our right to defer from the abovementioned costs if we’ve agreed otherwise on this with you.

Damage & complaints

  1. We expect you to notify us in a clear and written manner within 30 days, once you have any complaints and/or remarks about the execution of our agreements.
  2. Subsequently, we will process your complaint(s) within 14 work days upon receival of the written complaint.
  3. If we need more time to process your complaint, we will notify you in a clear and written manner, with an indication of the date on which you’ll receive the elaborate answer and/or solution to your complaint. 
  4. Any risk for damaged or missed products is taken on our side, until the products have been delivered to you, unless we’ve agreed otherwise.
  5. You are obliged to complete the full payment of any replacement, repairment and/or cleaning costs that occur once you cause any damage to our products and/or services during the renting period. This amount will not exceed the price of the product, unless we’ve stated otherwise.